Optical sensors, photoresistors, diodes, and transistors have been approved in the optical sensor technology for a long time. Duo-lateral and tetra-lateral PSDs were established as position sensitive sensors. The introduction of electronic cameras on the mass markets of the world and the enormous drop in their prices makes the use of complete cameras and CCD- or CMOS- camera modules as optical sensors possible. These camera sensors or in short "CamSors", have an advantage: They proved of value thousandfold. In addition they can be setup comfortably, because due to their origin almost all of them have a monitor connection. Moreover a hardly ending palette of objectives is available for these sensors, with which the acquisition and measuring ranges can be adapted optimally to the object to be observed. What stands more to reason than to lend to this field of sensor engineering its own name: CamSorik.

our current sites:
  • LaserTrac is a highly accurate laser sensor, that makes an automatic measuring procedure at a high level of comfort and security possible. Applications can be found in geodesy, in the machine instrumentation and in quality control.
  • LaserCam is a special development based on LaserTrac. It is not only able of recording the deflections of test specimens, but it also has the ability to supply defined signals for vibration control equipment. LaserCam has been tested and practically applied for controlling shakers and hydropulsers.